A Lifetime of Leadership is a one-stop resource for career professionals, here to help you grow in and build a career you love! We provide the tools, resources and community support you're craving to help you make career moves, build your network, develop your professional brand, and stand out as a leader at any level.

It has been estimated that the average person will spend one-third of their life at work - shouldn't that mean you should love what you do? We'll help you build a toolkit of skills that you can pull out over time, as you need them, to help you build a career that you love. Most of all, we'll make it fun!

At A Lifetime of Leadership, we believe that leadership doesn’t happen when you reach a certain role, age, or career level. Leadership happens the moment you say “my perspective matter” and you use your super powers (yes, YOU have super powers) in the big and small ways you show up each and every day.  Professionals with all levels of experience will gain something from our workbooks and workshops.

Are ready to love what you do at work
Are seeking out a dream role or promotion
Are excited to expand on the opportunities that are give to you
Are eager to show up as your most authentic, professional self
Simply want to be the best that you can be!

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I've spent nearly a decade working as a corporate professional at a Fortune 50 company where I've built a career I love using the tools I've gathered along the way. I've built a large professional network that I can count on (at companies like Disney, Meta and Amazon!), switched industries (twice!), designed projects that allowed me to be a leader as an entry level hire, and built a recognizable personal brand that helps me stand out from the crowd.

No matter your career level or years of experience, career growth can be challenging (and even scary!). I started A Lifetime of Leadership to give you, a working professional, approachable resources you'll need to not just survive in your career, but THRIVE. I'll answer your biggest career questions and give you tangible tools to grow your career, even if you feel like you have minimal time or energy.



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